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World Studies: Chapter 17-WWII

What did the Nazi-Soviet pact accomplish for Germany?
Gave Hitler a “free-hand” in Poland

Why was the Spanish civil war called a “dress rehearsal” for WWII?
Nazis used the war to test new weapons

Why did Hitler invade the Soviet Union?
Russia had an abundance of raw materials

After conquering France, in which French city did German forces establish a “Puppet State”?

How did Churchill and FDR give in to Stalin at the conference in Tehran in 1943?
Agreed to let the borders outlined in the Nazi-Soviet pact stand, against the wishes of Poland’s government-in-exile.

What was important about the battle of the Bulge?
Both sides suffered terrible losses; delayed Allies from the west

Why was the German airforce almost grounded by the time of the D-Day invasion?
Allies strategically bombed their fuel reserves

The U.S.’s goal of “island-hopping”?
To slowly make their way to Japan

What was Stalin’s major goal in Eastern Europe after WWII?
Spread Communism

The idea the Truman Doctrine stemmed from
Containment- (communism)

LON voted sanctions against which country for invading Ethiopia in 1935?

Hitler violated the Versailles Treaty in 1936 through what action?
The Anschluss

What did the British and French do at the Munich conference in 1938 to avoid war?
Gave into Hitler’s demands (appeasement)

What was usually the first stage of Hitler’s blitzkrieg attack?
Utilizing improved tank and airpower technology to strike a devastating blow against the enemy

How did the Germans change their tactics in preparing for Operation Sea Lion?
Hitler launched massive air strikes

What U.S. action influenced the Japanese decision to attack the U.S. in 1941?
Banning the sale of war materials to Japan

What did “Rosie the Riveter” symbolize?
Women’s working power and rights

1942- what priority did FDR, Churchill, and Stalin set in the war?
Finish war in Europe before ending the one in Asia

What stopped the German advance during the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941?
The Soviet Winter

Manhattan Project
Codename for the project to build the first atomic bomb in WWII

Japanese suicide pilots

What action did the Western Allies take after WWII that caused the Soviets to strengthen their hold on east Germany?
Tried to ensure West Germany was free to democracy; made sure eastern Europe had a friendly “buffer zone” between USSR and West

What was the importance of the battle of El Alamein in 1942?
British stopped the German advance in Northern Africa

What did the Soviet Union do during Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939?
Attacked Poland from east (part of Nazi-Soviet pact)

What happened at Dunkirk in the spring of 1940?
British force was successfully retreated across English channel

Why were the battles of the Coral Sea and Midway major turning points?
Japan could no longer take the offensive; lost many soldiers and war materials

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