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Manufacturing Essay Examples

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INTRODUCTION An organization is a social unit of people, systematically arranged or managed to meet the needs or to pursue collective goals on a continuous basis. A sound organization can contribute greatly to the continuity and success of the enterprise. All organizations have a management structure that determines the relationship between functions and positions. Without…

3D Printing

3D Printing Today and Tomorrow I chose to do my research paper on 3D printing, were we are today and what the future looks like. While researching this project I learned that 3D printing has been around since the 80’s, and that it is also known as additive manufacturing. I chose this topic for a…

Lean Operations

Task 1: To what extent could or should Deane expect to apply the philosophies and techniques of JIT/Lean to the running of a staircase cell? Staircases Production Company (SPC) is a small, successful, privately owned timber and building materials company based in a small city in the UK. The company offers a wide variety of…



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Manufacturing strategy

1.1 Introduction to OFF Shoring and NEXT Shoring: Off shoring is the type of relocation of an industry or an company of a business from one country to another i.e typically an operational process, such as manufacturing process. Next shoring is “the transfer of business or manufacturing processes to companies in a Nearby location. Where…

Plant layout

PLANT LAYOUT Outline of Contents: What is Plant layout? Necessity of good layout Factors affecting good layout Principles of good layout Advantages of good layout Symptoms of poor layout Types of layout What is PLANT LAYOUT? Plant layout refers to the arrangement of physical facilities such as machines, equipment, tools, furniture etc. in such a…

Riordan Manufacturing: Supply Chain Design Paper

Riordan Manufacturing, a leading global manufacturer of plastic containers, parts, and fan parts, is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, Inc. Riordan’s fan manufacturing plant was purchased in 1992 when it was located in Michigan. In 2000, the company moved its fan manufacturing operation to China where it now resides. Riordan schedules manufacturing of fan parts…

Crocs: Revolutionizing An Industry’s Supply Chain Model

Executive Summary Crocs is a footwear manufacturing company founded in 2002 by Michael Hagos, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr. The company specializes in shoes featuring its proprietary Croslite™ material, a revolutionary technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight and odor-resistant qualities. Crocs pride itself in its highly flexible supply chain…

Analysis Of The Burj Khalifa Tower Project

The UAE, located in Middle East, is the third largest oil-producing country in the world. Currently, and over the past few years, a variety of construction projects have been taking place in the UAE, for which the main source of funding has been oil money. This is especially true of Dubai, one of the seven…

3d Printing Technology

Legitimate Concerns Facing 3D Printing Technology Executive Summary This research journal article discusses how 3D Printing technology may effect federal firearms regulations. The focus of the article is that, due to the development of 3D Printing technology, individuals, even people without technical expertise, now have the ability to use the new technology to produce guns…

Case Study: Lean Implementation at Siemens’ Kalwa Plant

1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & COMPANY BACKGROUND Briefly, in this case we glimpse on Kalwa Planet-Siemens in India which improve itself from a traditional organization to lean management structure. The first Siemens work shop started on May 1st, 1955 in a small place on Mumbai with 10 employees and with very simple equipment’s. Their main business…

EWI competence criteria

Comply with all workplace health, safety and welfare legislation requirements: QCF 641 Communicate with others to establish productive work practices: QCF 642 Moving, handling and storing resources in the workplace: QCF 643 Installing External Wall Insulation In The Workplace: QCF448v2 QCF 448v2: 1.1 Page REF:IEI 7 Interpret and extract information from drawings, specifications, schedules, method…

Polk Company Review

• In this case, would it be better to use the variable or absorption costing method, and why? In this case, it would be better to use the absorption method because this method incorporates only the overhead that is allocated to the 80,000 units sold. The variable method counts fixed overhead as a period expense,…

Sher-Wood Case

1. What motivated Sher-Wood to outsource its manufacturing to supliers inside or outside Canada in 2007 and 2011? Sales of one million wooden and 350000 composite sticks in 2006. Predicted high growth in its composite stick business in terms of volume and profitability. By outsourcing wooden and high end models, core focus of the company…

Lean System

Lean is a philosophy of manufacturing that emphasizes the minimization of the amount of all resources (including time) used in operations of the company. Operations processes are considered to be Lean when they are very efficient and have few wasted resources. The elimination of WASTE is actually the defining principle of Lean. By eliminating waste…

McCall Diesel Motor works (Case study)

INTRODUCTION McCall Diesel Motor Works manufactures a range of diesel engines for use in marine applications, manufacturing plants and agricultural applications. The company has always tried to be progressive in terms of product design and in fact pioneered the development of a particular type of internal combustion engine. Originally, they only manufactured large marine diesel…

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